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Funeral Pre-Planning

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Why People Choose to Plan Ahead
Jewish tradition calls upon us to bury the dead as soon as possible. Barring unusual circumstances, funerals occur within 48 to 72 hours after death. For bereaved family members, it is not the best time to be making emotional decisions concerning the funeral of a loved one. A great deal of time, money and emotional distress can be saved by planning ahead. Most importantly, the stressful question “Are we doing the right thing?” need not arise, if the wishes of the deceased are known. Call us to assist in guiding you while making those decisions.
Funeral Pre-Arrangement Process
The funeral pre-arrangement process is not complicated: Consider your funeral service options, discuss them with family, and record your wishes for us to follow in the future.
Record Your Wishes
What is the #1 reason people choose to pre-plan their funeral? It's the responsible thing to do. Learn the top reasons people pre-arrange funeral services.
Pre-Planning Checklist
When you're ready to start the funeral pre-planning process, you may really appreciate this step-by-step funeral pre-arrangement checklist.
Advance Directives
No one wants to think about a time when they will be unable to make critical health care or end-of-life decisions but it makes sense to complete an advance directive.