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Bergen Jewish Chapel

Honors Jewish Funeral Traditions and Modified Services


While most Jewish funeral traditions are the same around the world, there are some variations depending on one's heritage. For example, Ashkenazic Jews (those whose ancestors are from Eastern Europe) and Sephardic Jews (those of Spanish/Middle Eastern descent) have differing traditions around holidays, life cycle events and more. As such, let's start with a basic definition of a Jewish funeral. 

As a sense of respect, the deceased is not left alone from the time of death until the funeral. Volunteers from the Jewish community sit with the deceased, often reading psalms, until the burial.

Typically, the time between death and burial is not long. Traditionally a Jewish burial is supposed to take place within 24 hours of death. This is done in accordance with the Torah, sacred Jewish scripture, which says, "You shall bury him the same day.... His body should not remain all night." Today, outside of Orthodox communities, funerals rarely occur this quickly. However, the funeral should take place as soon as possible following the death.

Burials never take place on the Sabbath or holidays.


Bergen Jewish Chapel in Oradell and Teaneck, New Jersey

Bergen Jewish Chapel is pleased to announce a new online funeral service arrangement process. This simplified process helps to relieve the stress of dealing with end-of-life issues…eliminating the need to visit a funeral home.  

This new concept is a web-based funeral arrangement process.  Families have the ability to select their desired services and merchandise as well as to provide all necessary vital statistical information.

“We understand and are very empathetic to families wishing to eliminate the necessity of a face to face meeting at the funeral home,” said Daniel Leber, owner and Manager of Bergen Jewish Chapel. “Our process has been well received by the Jewish Community especially those who are Non Affiliated, Reform, and Liberal.”  

Bergen Jewish Chapel’s online service provides the ability to meet a loved ones’ needs and traditions while continuing to benefit from our commitment to personal attention. Families who prefer to meet with our experienced professionals are welcome to do so at our Volk Leber affiliated locations at 789 Teaneck Rd. Teaneck or at 268 Kinderkamack Rd., Oradell. 




Bergen Jewish Chapel

Non-Affiliated, Reform and Liberal Jewish Families

Simplifying Funeral Arrangements


Jewish funeral service rituals and practices have traditionally followed a strong set of customs and beliefs which are based on the Torah. Although these beliefs remain important in the Orthodox and Conservative Jewish cultures, some of the traditional customs have been modified under Reform Judaism.

The Jewish people hold the philosophy that one should embrace life while accepting the inevitability of death. The emphasis of Judaism concerns how one’s life should be lived. It does not specifically define an afterlife. However, it is implied that leading a praiseworthy life will prepare one for what comes after life.

At Bergen Jewish Chapel, we help families through the difficult challenge of losing a loved one and assist to simplify the process with the priority of comfort and privacy for the family.




Empathetic Funeral Services Embrace Values of Non-Affiliated, Reform and Liberal Jewish Communities

Bergen Jewish Chapel recognizes, respects, and is dedicated to embracing the values and needs of the many facets of the Jewish faith in northern New Jersey. The Chapel is inclusive yet specific, customizing its services to fulfill the wishes of every family.

Well-known for its professionalism, sensitivity and complete devotion to families in their ultimate time of need, Bergen Jewish Chapel specializes in compassionate services for the Non-Affiliated, Reform and Liberal Jewish communities. The Chapel also provides arrangements for mixed-faith families and any other aspect of Judaism.

"We have particular knowledge and understanding of the diverse practices and accompanying traditions of the Jewish faith in the region and many years of experience adhering to every family's end-of-life requirements and principles," said Daniel W. Leber, owner and Manager of Bergen Jewish Chapel. "Families of differing types of Jewish faith can be assured that Bergen Jewish Chapel will welcome them with open arms, empathy and understanding."

In addition, Bergen Jewish Chapel offers a unique online funeral service arrangement process. This service allows grieving families to spend more time focusing on end-of-life matters without the added stress and burden of physically visiting the funeral home. While the program was initiated prior to COVID-19, contactless funeral planning now takes on new meaning as a way to increase safety, health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

Families of all aspects of the Jewish faith receive the same unparralled dedication of Bergen Jewish Chapel staff whether online or at the Chapel. Through the online process, loved ones select desired services and can provide all necessary vital and statistical information.

Those who prefer to meet with our experienced funeral professionals are welcome to do so at Bergen Jewish Chapel located at 789 Teaneck Road, Teaneck, NJ, or at 268 Kinderkamack Road in Oradell, NJ.